Our Hands Corner

We love handmade

I am always in awe of other makers and creatives.  The world of craft is endless.  My vision for the shop has evolved as I have gotten to know other makers.  Having a space in the shop that showcases and supports other artisans work and handcraft was important to me.  I strongly believe there is a sense of community established when you bring fellow artisans together.

I have been fortunate to have people in my life that support my love of creating.  Now, having a space and being able to support other makers and small business creatives is really exciting.  There is something about handmade that just feels good!


We want you!

If you are interested in showcasing your handcrafted wares, please bring your samples to the shop.  All vendors that are part of Our Hands Corner are juried and create unique handcrafted items in small quantities.   All handcrafted wares are sold on a consignment basis.