Workshops are posted and we can’t wait to get making with you!

Rental Space


Workshop Tables

The current workshop tables will comfortably seat 12 people.  This is a great space to have a round table, get some friends together for a little making and creating or a private party.

In the very near future we will have a beautiful, warm and inviting handmade wooden table.  We can hardly wait for this space to be transformed!


Let's get comfy

This space is used as our sit & share space.  It comfortably seats 5 with room to add a few more chairs.

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Private Event


Looking to host a private event, let us know what you're thinking and we will try to accommodate.

  • $20/hour if the space is rented during studio hours
  • $28/hour if space is rented after hours
  • Inquire for half, full day rates or full weekend

Private Workshop


Once the calendar and workshops are published, let us know what you want to make and we'll get to it!  Workshop fees apply as per normal pricing. 

You have the event we do all the work - My Two Hands is the Host


25% Commission of all fees collected. This commission will cover the following;

  • My Two Hands will be responsible for taking registration and payment.
  • The Instructor/Facilitator will provide the appropriate write-up,  description of the workshop taking place ASAP to the shop for advertising.
  •  Appropriate advertising: social media platforms; Facebook and  Instagram, local posters, My Two Hands Website, In-house promotion, My Two Hands subscribers email list.

New Instructors

We are always looking for new instructors who want to teach in a warm, inviting setting.  

This is an opportunity for you to share your skill and passion with others.  Our community holds a fantastic group of artisans and we hope to have you join us in sharing your craft.  Please get in touch with My Two Hands if you are interested.