Cam's story and how the shop came to be

One thing I know for sure is I was made to create.  I was born to be a maker.  Using my hands and the creative side of my brain is what makes me feel good.  

To keep my brain fresh and to stay inspired I sew, but I also work with yarn, paint, rope, wood and what ever else I can get my hands on.  I strive to use the best quality materials for all the products I make.  I take pride creating and making things that I hope become part of your home and life as well as functional and pretty.  I don't claim to be a professional, I am just passionate about the things I make and want to share so others will feel the same about their creations.

I come from generations of hand stitchers and sewers on my Dad's side, so I feel like it's in my blood.  I would say my sewing journey started when I was a little girl and my mom pulled out her sewing machine and I started making little projects.  We'd leave the sewing machine on the kitchen table for weeks on end and a pile of thread cut ends would be on the floor.  Fast forward 20 years and I was looking for a Christmas gift for my parents.  A friend was making quilts for gifts so I thought, why not!  I walked in to the local quilt shop and said I'd like to make a quilt.  The owner gave me some pointers, sold me some fabric and that was the start of a passion and love I had no idea could even exist.  That very same quilt shop is the store I bought 12 years later, January 2019!

For the last 6 years I have been selling at various small markets, growing my brand and really appreciating and loving the handmade wares of other artisans.  The things I've made over the years have evolved.  What was once quilts, hand stamped cards, home made salsas, jams, a tiny bit of sewing, is now all sewing and knitting with some modern macrame thrown in.  I'd be lying if I said it comes easy.  It's been a lot of work, a lot of time, deadlines, projects gone wrong (measure twice cut once ha!) but it absolutely makes my soul happy.  

Even though fabric and sewing is my first love, I always switch things up to keep my creative mojo flowing.  So now, having this creative space, I hope to inspire others to find that spark inside them again and excite those who have yet to found it. 

I look forward to being part of your creative journey!!

                                         ~Much love, Cam